Raw Honey and Royal Jelly

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(125 ml)

Powerful antioxidant properties of royal jelly and general strengthening effect of honey are connected in this honey composition.

Health Benefits:

– Energy and vitality;
– Immune system support;
– Antibiotic effects;
– Kidney, pancreatic and liver support;
– Healthy skin;
– Healing wounds;
– Fighting cancer;
– Indispensable tool for fertility;
– Hormone support;
– Digestive support;
– Bone support;
– Diabetic support.


100% Raw Honey mixed with royal jelly – this product is very valuable and rare. It is described as a means to prolong youth in Juvenology. 

Combination of these products activates protective forces of human body, helps to control cholesterol level, stimulates blood circulation, promotes secretion of nursing mothers breast milk, positively affects skin, normalizes blood counts in anemia (especially B12 deficiency).

It improves appetite, activates defenses of the body during mental and physical overwork, improves visual activity, hearing and memory.
It has cardiostimulating, anti-anemic, antiviral, antisclerotic, antimetastatic and toning effect. It stimulates lactation and improves the quality of breast milk.
It can be recommended for almost all diseases. You can and should use honey with royal jelly when treating the nervous system. It can only be used in daytime. If you intake this mixture at night it might happen that you will not be able to close your eyes for long time because of property of the product to cause a rush of strength and vigor.
Raw Honey – this kind of honey is considered to be very valuable , rare and useful and in combination with royal jelly can bring invaluable benefits.

Raw Honey is an ideal preservative, in the complex with which a new product of beekeeping is formed -honey with bee royal jelly. People took up destiny to mix these two products-bees do not deal with it.

Raw Honey with royal jelly exhibit properties of a powerful immunostimulator for human body. You need only half a teaspoon of honey with bee royal jelly a day and you will forget about viral infections. Honey with royal jelly has the property of supporting and strengthening the health of babies. With its help babies, especially premature, gain weight much better, grow and develop faster.

Honey with royal jelly is often used to fight:
-mental disorders;
-blood pressure changes.

It is necessary to take into account that this mixture has a lot of contraindications which in most cases refer to overdose or allergy. For example, honey with royal jelly is widely used during pregnancy. It seems that honey with royal jelly has properties that relieve many symptoms of toxicosis and it can be taken by pregnant women. On the other hand, this product is very allergenic, that can do more harm than good for the future mother and baby.

If your life lacks colors , seems to be monotonous and boring, if you are constantly tormented by chronic diseases and traditional medicine does not bring relief, its time to take advantage of the medicine that nature itself provides.Well, what to give preference to? How to choose? Honey with royal jelly is best suited for this.

It is a natural biological stimulant and it is used as a natural anti-radiation agent. This composition can be a supplement to usual and dietary nutrition for prevention of vascular arteriosclerosis, angina pectoris, in the recovery period after myocardial infraction, stroke, for menopause and impotence. In pediatrics-with disorders of digestion and children`s hypotrophy. It is recommended for adults as well as for long and often ill children, as a general restorative and immunostimulating remedy.

How it’s Used

1-2 teaspoon take 2 times a day in 30 minutes before meals (until 6 pm).
Store up to the date indicated on the container in the refrigerator, at a temperature of 37F to 43F(+3C to +6C).
One of our primary goals is to provide you with the freshest products possible.
Shelf life – 1 year (A “Manufactured” date states when the product was bottled).
Don’t drink honey with hot tea and coffee!
For a good effect, you need to follow a healthy diet.
You can’t eat: fatty, fried, alcohol, coffee and caffeine, carbonated drinks, etc.