Shilajit and Buckwheat Honey


Health Benefits

Buckwheat Honey mixed with Pure Organic Shilajit these two products are surprisingly useful. In many cases, their combination not only sums up their benefits, but multiplies the effect many times.

125 ml



The body regains strength quickly, gets a charge of energy and becomes stronger. Since one of the components is a true natural antibiotic and it surpasses the viral processes of viruses, microbes and fungi, the human body begins to rejuvenate.

Health Benefits of Raw Honey mixed with Shilajit

Shilajit (from Greek “preserving body”) is a resinous substance mined in the crevices of rocks. The organic part of Pure Shilajit includes about 30 groups of biologically active substances: micro – and macro elements, proteins, amino acids, organic and fatty acids etc. Microelements have a significant impact on protein, carbohydrate, fatty, mineral metabolism, on oxidation-reduction processes, they take place in process of reproduction and growth, stimulate immunity.

Therefore shilajit is especially recommended for infraction of integrity of organs and tissues, delayed healing of bone fractures as well as with diseases of gastrointestinal tract. For many centuries shilajit has been combined with beekeeping products in order to enhance the medicinal qualities of these products. Honey with shilajit was prescribed to seriously ill people who were severely depleted for a quick recovery.

– Raw Honey in combination with Pure Shilajit has pronounced anti-inflammatory properties;
– It is used to maintain immunity, for musculoskeletal system and bones;
– it relieves inflammations, helps to heal fractures and diseases of internal organs, improves skin condition;
– it accelerates the regeneration of bone tissue and healing of wounds;
– positively affects the work of intestine and improves its microflora, stimulates metabolism in the body.

You can take Dr. Raw Honey products dissolving them in a glass of water ( water temperature should not exceed 30 ̊C) or just add them to your favorite drinks.
Honey and bee products have contraindications for use, such as allergy or individual intolerance, that`s why it is necessary to consult your doctor. You can also conduct a simple test for intolerance by yourself:
-spread a small amount of the product you bought on your elbow, and if within 2 hours there is no redness, you can consume such product.

We strictly follow the process of preparation and storage of Dr. Honey products. Products based on honey should be packed and stored only in glass non transparent containers, because honey as biologically active product absorbs chemical impurities, contained in plastic and polyethylene, and becomes poisonous, and sunlight is extremely destructive for honey – it loses vitamins and enzymes while maintaining the taste and color.

How it’s Used

Dissolve 1 teaspoon in a glass of water (room temperature). Take 2-3 times a day for 30 minutes before eating.
Store up to the date indicated on the container in a dark place, at room temperature from 68F to 75F (20C to 24С).
One of our primary goals is to provide you with the freshest products possible.
Shelf life – 2 years (A “Manufactured” date states when the product was bottled).
Don’t drink honey with hot tea and coffee!
For a good effect, you need to follow a healthy diet.
You can’t eat: fatty, fried, alcohol, coffee and caffeine, carbonated drinks, etc.